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Unique Introductions from Unique Stray Kids

도대체 그들의 한계치는 어디? 어나더 레벨 슼둥이!

stark 2018년 11월 24일 토요일

The comet-like Stray Kids of 2018!

Since the youngest member Aiyen fell into the heart of STAY, everything changed.

Even the 20 year-old dark rapper Changbin!

Curious to find out what happens? Stay tuned for the first episode of IDOL LEAGUE

Do the acceptance speech you want with STRAY KIDS!

Friends in Busan, Bucheon, Vocal coaches are all included!

Even the doctor who tended to you at the ENT clinic!

Come together to celebrate the awards!

Watch the second episode of IDOL LEAGUE

Writing, composing and even producing! The ever evolving STRAY KIDS!

He’s coming! Here he is! The inspiration of Stray Kids!

What’s the logo song the genius composer Han created on the spot?

If you’re curious of the brilliant STRAY KIDS, keep up with IDOL LEAGUE episode 3!

STRAY KIDS have turned into a human alarm!

Beyond being cute, sexy, charismatic, they speak English, Chinese, Japanese, and now Alarm?! 

A must watch! Find out what this alarm is on the 4th episode of IDOL LEAGUE

You won’t believe the 4 Kan Dance!

Don’t forget about the hard work and teamwork!

If you’re wondering what this all means, check out episode 5 of IDOL LEAGUE

Forget about writing and composing, now painting?!

When does talent run out?

From the crazy talented Han,

A one, a two, a one, two, three~

With all the feels! With all the emotions!

Get ready for Woojin’s Ballad on the 6
th episode of IDOL LEAGUE on STRAY KIDS!

We did it for you, STAY! STRAY KIDS’ TMI Party!

It’s one chicken per person these days. But Hyunjin craves Jjajangmyeon?

See how Lino’s socks get dyed pink in the laundry!

You think you’ve seen it all. STRAY KIDS will show you more on episode 7 of IDOL

LEAGUE! Leggo!

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