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Is it possible to dance here? I am YOU ♪ STRAY KIDS!

여기서 춤추는 게 가능해? I am YOU 꼬물꼬물.ver!

stark 2018년 11월 27일 화요일

You won’t believe the 4 Kan Dance!

Don’t forget about the hard work and teamwork!

If you’re wondering what this all means, check out episode 5 of IDOL LEAGUE

Forget about writing and composing, now painting?!

When does talent run out?

From the crazy talented Han,

A one, a two, a one, two, three~

With all the feels! With all the emotions!

Get ready for Woojin’s Ballad on the 6th episode of IDOL LEAGUE on STRAY KIDS!

We did it for you, STAY! STRAY KIDS’ TMI Party!

It’s one chicken per person these days. But Hyunjin craves Jjajangmyeon?

See how Lino’s socks get dyed pink in the laundry!

You think you’ve seen it all. STRAY KIDS will show you more on episode 7 of IDOL

LEAGUE! Leggo!

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